FoodRocket – US-based startup allowing users to order delivery of fresh products, ready-to-eat meals and household items right to their home

My role

The development of the FoodRocket mobile application began in February 2021. At that time, I was the only iOS developer in the team and designed and created the application from scratch, and after ~2 months the MVP version was developed and released in the App Store.

Over the entire period of development, the application has grown in size and functionality and has become quite complex, which forced development team  to expanded to 3 people. We regularly review each other’s code, discuss various ways to optimize old code, and collaborate with a team of designers and backend developers while designing new features.

Technical information

    • The application is completely native and written in Swift, supports iOS 13.0 and higher
    • UI is written in code using Autolayout
    • Code is partially covered with tests, but this is temporary
    • Building a project for testers and for release is automated using CI
    • The application communicates with the backend via REST in accordance with the JSON:API format