Hi! My name is Maxim 

Hi! My name is Maxim

I am an iOS developer, and you are now visiting my portfolio website, where I publish projects that I have been or still participate in the development of.

  Russia, Moscow
  I’m 24 years old
  iOS-Developer at Food Rocket
  Graduate of 2020 BMSTU, Information processing and control systems
  You can contact me here
  My code can be seen on my GitHub

About me

I’ve been developing iOS and macOS apps (and some backend services with Swift + Vapor) since mid-2017. During this time, I managed to work as a freelancer, in outsource and product companies, and also took part in the launch of several startups.

What I use in my projects

  • I write code in Swift, I am also a little familiar with Objective-C at the level of reading code (I have experience in translating an application from Objective-C to Swift)
  • Network: URLSession, Alamofire, Apollo (GraphQL), Starscream (WebSockets), JSON:API
  • UI: SwiftUI, UIKit (using code and/or IB), Autolayout, Sketch, Figma, Zeplin
  • DB: CoreData, Realm
  • Managing dependencies: SPM, CocoaPods, Carthage
  • Source control: git-flow
  • Architecure: I prefer using MVVM in most of my projects, also have experience with VIPER, MVC
  • CI: I have experience setting up CI for building and testing iOS apps on GitLab
  • Backend: I wrote a server part using the Vapor framework for one project

I Don’t Smoke (iOS)

App Store

I Don’t Smoke! is an application created specifically to help you get rid of a bad habit! Thanks to many counters and daily tips and motivators, this process will become even easier!

2.9k+ reviews on App Store

365days (iOS)

App Store | GitHub

365days is a simple app for tracking your year progress. Each day a new dot becomes colored in your app or widget

Built with SwiftUI

FoodRocket (iOS)

App Store | Play Market | Website

Grocery delivery of fresh products, ready-to-eat meals, and household items.

Food Rocket is an entirely new online grocery shopping experience. The key difference is that we do not require you to come to the grocery store. Instead, we come to you with goods according to your shopping list!

Other projects


Card game ported to mobile application


Service for connecting restaurants and suppliers


Online store for women clothes for your phone


Record your workouts to Apple Health

Want to contact me?

If you have a job to offer, some recommendations for my applications or just want to chat – feel free to contact me using contact page