WaterWinner is a platform that connects swimmers and coaches and provides access to numerous workouts for different levels of athletes

Моя роль в проекте

The iOS mobile app and the backend were designed and developed by me from scratch. I have also been involved in supporting and helping Android developer to dive into project and create an Android version of the application. At the moment I am engaged in support and development of new features both in the mobile application for iOS and on the backend.

Technical information

Mobile application

    • The application is completely native and written in Swift using the MVVM+Combine architecture, supports iOS 13.0 and higher
    • The entire interface is built in code using Autolayout
    • Communication with the backend occurs through REST


    • The backend is also written in Swift using the Vapor framework and hosted by Heroku
      PostgreSQL is used as a database
    • Authorization through third-party services (Google and Facebook) occurs first through the mobile SDK built into the application, and then verified on the backend
    • Subscriptions are paid through the YooKassa service connected on the backend side (mobile SDK is not used)