I Don’t Smoke

I Don’t Smoke! is an application created specifically to help you get rid of a bad habit! Thanks to many counters and daily tips and motivators, this process will become even easier!

My role

This application was originally conceived as a small pet-project for my portfolio, but fortunately it became quite popular and gained its own user base. It allows users to save the date they smoked their last cigarette, and through this, see various indicators of their health and saved money. Obviously, all these indicators are approximate, they should not be treated as a guide and fully trusted 🙂

Technical information

  • App is fully written in Swift using MVVM+RxSwift, supports iOS 11.0 and higher
  • All UI is created in code using Autolayout constraints
  • Realm DB is used for storing local data
  • Firebase is used as a backend solution
  • In-app purchases are configured using SwiftyStoreKit