Mobile app for wholesome online store of women clothes with delivery across Russia

My role

This mobile app was created from scratch and published on the App Store by me. During the development process, the customer’s team of backend developers changed several times, as a result of which the API also changed. This both slowed down the development process and allowed me to participate in the process of designing API methods along with backend developers. At the moment, the development of the iOS version of the application is suspended, no new features are added, since all efforts are directed to the development of the Android version of the application. Now I’m helping an Android developer dive into the project and advise him on some features of the application and its interaction with the backend.

Technical information

    • The application is completely native and written in Swift using the MVVM architecture, supports iOS 12.0 and higher
    • UI was originally created in Storyboards, but gradually began to be rewritten in code using Autolayout. At the moment, there are almost no .storyboard and .xib files left in the project
    • Communication with the backend takes place using GraphQL