Foody connects restaurants and suppliers in a full-service marketplace and provides them automated tools for communication, ordering goods, sending invoices and paying them.

My role

I started developing and designing the application from scratch, launched the first MVP version, and then continued to add new functionality to the application. During the development process, another developer joined me for a while, as there was a need for a lot of new features in short period of time. Later when the pace slowed down again, I continued to work on this application alone. In February 2021, the project was put on hold.

Technical information

  • The application is completely native and written in Swift using the MVVM+RxSwift architecture, supports iOS 12.0 and higher
  • All UI was originally created in Storyboards, but gradually began to be rewritten in code using SnapKit
  • The application has many custom charts implemented using Charts framework
  • The entire chat was written from scratch without the use of third-party UI libraries, and messages are exchanged using websockets
  • To access chat messages without a stable internet connection, a local database was connected to cache them- Realm
  • Communication with the backend takes place using REST in compliance with the JSON:API format