Application built around your car.

From maintenance catalogs and original spare parts to accessories and tools – a wide range of products for any task and requirement. Both independent search and the help of a personal manager are offered.

My role

I joined the development of the Autodoc mobile app for iPhone/iPad in February 2021 and became the second iOS developer in the team. During this time, I managed to dive deep into the project, successfully supplemented and supported the existing functionality, and also implemented several large sections within the application, for example:

  • hidden courier module
  • courier delivery and local store pickup of paid order flow
  • gift certificates creation and activation flow
  • payment for orders via SBP (for users from Russia) and via WebPay (for users from Belarus)
  • news widget
  • peek-and-pop on some screens for previewing elements

Technical information

The application is completely native and written in Swift, supports iOS 12.0 and higher, and also has a full version for the iPad.