I Don’t Smoke – Privacy policy

Jan 12, 2023

Privacy policy

  1. Personal information we collect
    Application only collects the information that you explicitly provide.
    • When you first launch the application, it requests access to your data, namely:
      • name
      • gender
      • date of birth
      • date of starting smoking
      • date of finishing smoking
      • amount of smoked cigarettes per day
    • Application also collects anonymized diagnostic information about how you use the app when you use the app (the user has the option to turn off the collection of this data on the settings screen), namely:
      • application crashes, its causes and effects
      • analytic events (completing purchase, opening screen and etc)
      • amount of application launches
      • version of application 
  2. Use of Information
    The information collected by the application is used only to calculate your health indicators and progress towards quitting the habit of smoking.
    We use the collected diagnostic information only to fix critical bugs in the application and improve it.
  3. Information exchange
    Application does not share personal information with third parties.
    Only developers have access to it. Diagnostic information is collected both by the application itself and by third-party libraries built into it (you can get acquainted with their list and their privacy policy on the settings screen)
  4. Data storage
    Application stores data on Google servers because we use Firebase Analytics tools to collect data. We are also using AppHud service to work with purchases. Google and AppHud uses all reasonable efforts to ensure the safety of your information. However, we cannot guarantee that the information will not be disclosed or destroyed.