Health+ – Privacy policy

Jan 12, 2023

Privacy Policy

1. Personal information we collect

We only collect information that you explicitly provide to us.

When you first launch the app, we request access to your health data using Apple HealthKit, namely:
– activity (your workouts)
– energy efficiency (number of calories burned)
– weight

If you want, you can deny the application access to this data, however, without it, the application will not be able to correctly calculate the number of calories burned when adding its activity.

Also, while using the application, we collect anonymized diagnostic information about how you use the application, namely:
– the types of activities that you create
– application crashes, causes and consequences

If desired, the collection of this data can be disabled in the settings screen.

2. Use of information

We only use the information we collect from Apple HealthKit to calculate your activity and performance metrics when you create a new activity through the app.
We use the collected diagnostic information only to fix critical errors in the application and improve it.

3. Exchange of information

We do not share personal information with third parties.
Only developers have access to it.

4. Information storage

We store data on Google servers as we use Firebase Analytics to collect data. In return, Google uses all reasonable options to ensure the safety of your information. However, we cannot guarantee that information will not be disclosed or destroyed.